Careers in Aging: Mireya Triana, Clinical Nursing Manager

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Mireya Triana has dedicated more than 27 years to the health care profession, and in the past 11 months that calling was unlike anything she could have imagined. Mireya is a Clinical Nursing Manager at Miami Jewish Health, where they provide care and services to individuals living in the facility’s long term care setting along with seniors living in the community who are served through their PACE program. 

Mireya had planned to be a teacher, but life had a way of directing her to a calling to care for the elderly. As a long term care nurse, she wears many hats – caregiver, friend, clergy, social worker, therapist.  

When COVID struck, Mireya knew knowledge was key, so she educated herself with her leaders at Miami Jewish Health, then in turn educated her nursing team so they were prepared every step along the way. 

Mireya made sure her team focused on keeping each other’s spirits lifted because they knew they had to be there for their residents and each other, because this virus was not going away anytime soon. 

Mireya not only had to focus on all the safety measures to protect her residents from COVID, she had to ensure the residents’ every day needs were taken care of – their medications, feeding, dressing, emotional needs – because even during COVID, life does not stop.  

Back in July, life did come to a scary stop when Mireya and her family all came down with COVID. Thankfully, they all recovered and are doing well.  

Recently Mireya got vaccinated because she knows the first-hand effects of this virus, and she wants to be part of the solution to stop this pandemic. 

It’s been a challenge for Mireya and her fellow caregivers. But through it all she has shown tremendous courage.