Careers in Aging: Rebecca Morgan Hale, Director of Food Services

Careers In Aging Week
Chef Becky Hale.jpgWalker’s Trail director of food services and the captain of their inspired dining flagship, Rebecca Morgan Hale, is from Hyden, KY and earned a bachelor’s degree in health care administration from Midway College. Rebecca is excited every day to showcase to her residents that at Walker’s Trail – "we don’t eat, we dine!" 

Rebecca attributes her passion for food from all the time she spent in the kitchen with her granny. Her grandparents raised her, and she was fortunate enough to learn some of the best cooking methods directly from a wonderful source. She can remember feeling like a real chef the first time her grandmother let her cut up potatoes. “She always taught me that the two most important ingredients were love and bacon grease, and there was never a shortage of either,” Rebecca said. 

Rebecca loves taking recipes to recreate memories and then make new ones as well. Every time she steps into a kitchen, she strives to make people feel special and at home. She looks forward to sharing recipes and collecting the recipes of residents and families to enjoy.