Careers in Aging: Rita Baker, Staff Development and Quality Assurance

Careers In Aging Week; Workforce

Rita Baker came to Hazard Health and Rehabilitation Center as a new nursing graduate. Her first position was a Charge Nurse for almost seven years. When the Staff Development and Quality Assurance position opened, Rita came to mind due to not only her background in nursing but also her previous job as a supervisor at a sewing factory. 

In this position, she is a Nursing Assistant Instructor, training State Registered Nursing Assistants to be the best they can in caring for their residents. Rita is also called upon to fill in as Charge Nurse, and will volunteer even if it is not her turn. She is a great team member, and residents think of Rita as their friend and even family. If any resident asks for anything, she makes she they get it. Anyone that has gone through her training will tell you how compassionate she is about the elderly.