Coming February 4: Provider Focus on Infection Prevention and Control

Provider Daily
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While back to normal in long term and post-acute care seems to be light years away, providers offered up fresh perspectives on what lessons have endured the past year. Provider magazine’s February issue will be is online tomorrow, and the top stories are all about infection prevention and communication.

In the first of three articles, “Infection Control Lessons Learned,” clinicians said new policies have become tried and true, such as patient isolation and enhanced disinfection procedures, which will continue to be important post vaccination. And while providers haven’t jumped on the bandwagon with trends, they have embraced innovation in cleaning and disinfecting, including the use of UV light for sterilization. 

The next article, “Communication’s Role in the Pandemic,” shows that, for providers, monitoring the constant flow of information on COVID has been something of a rollercoaster, with both facts and unproven theories coming at 100 miles an hour. But the key to staying on top of it and clarifying misconceptions for staff, residents, and families, is to identify the misinformation and communicate the facts. Providers resort to a number of vehicles, including daily newsletters, frequent town hall meetings, and more. One provider says virtual infection prevention rounds has been key to get in front of information issues. The rounds provide the team with access to clinical, operations, and national infection experts in real time. 

The final article highlights five positives that have come out of the pandemic, which sources say will make infection prevention and control more effective into the future. Sources say that long term and post-acute care providers are stronger because of what they have been through, and lessons learned have already been put into action. 

Stay tuned to Provider’s website on Feb. 4th to access the new digital issue.