Fraudulent N95 Masks


LTC facilities should be aware of potential scams and fraudulent PPE, including the latest scam with N95 masks. The government is investigating massive quantities of counterfeit N95 masks that were released on the market. These masks did not go through the rigorous testing that true N95 masks go through. Several hospitals and other healthcare entities in at least five states have inadvertently purchased these counterfeit N95 masks. 3M, the largest manufacturer of N95 masks, provides information on their website with the latest counterfeit alerts with model numbers. 3M also advises on key strategies to lower your risk of accidentally purchasing counterfeit N95 products: 

  • ​Both masks and packaging should be labeled with “NIOSH-Approved” 
  • Legitimate N95s do not have ear loops, but rather straps or headbands and there are no decorative accents 
  • “NIOSH” must be spelled correctly 
  • There should be an approval number on the mask (review fraudulent mask numbers
  • Be aware of high cost and large quantities as this should be a red flag warning of potential scam

The Department of Justice is monitoring and investigating reports of COVID-19 fraud. You can report counterfeit medical supplies and other types of COVID-19 fraud at the National Center for Disaster Fraud​.