HHS Opens PRF Reporting Portal for Registration


T​he Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) launched the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Portal. The portal is only open for providers to set up user accounts and register to submit reports. In the updated PRF Reporting requirements (click here), HHS indicates reporting is delayed until further notice. No date is provided in the PRF Reporting FAQs. Highlights from the Reporting FAQs include:

  • ​Nursing Home Infection Control Reporting – While reporting guidance has not yet been released, providers who received these allocations must register;  
  • Providers may not use their Optum account information, such as Optum ID, to register;  
  • HHS has not set a deadline to register;  
  • Providers submitting multiple reports for multiple subsidiaries must set up unique reporting registrations for each. Conversely, if a provider with multiple subsidiaries is submitting a single report, only one registration is needed;  
  • Parent companies reporting on multiple TINs must include all TINs when registering to report; and 
  • Any updates to registration information only can be made when the reporting web portal goes live.  
Additional Information 

You may view the PRF Reporting and Audit webpage with reporting guidance here

AHCA/NCAL has provided a summary of changes to the Post-Payment Notice of PRF Reporting Requirements here. To access AHCA/NCAL’s webinar on reporting requirements and general information, click here. Please note that this webinar does not reflect the 1/15 reporting updates. 

For AICPA’s webinar on Single Audit (sponsored by the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center), click here​.