Handout: Why Residents Should Get the Bivalent Booster

COVID-19; Emergency Preparedness; Programs and Resources

AHCA/NCAL has developed a new #GetVaccinated handout to help long term care staff discuss the value of the bivalent booster with their residents. This was designed in response to members saying that residents or their family members are hesitant to get the bivalent booster. We heard your request to address common concerns and provide the latest data on the effectiveness of the bivalent booster.  

The handout discusses how the bivalent booster helps reduce the risk of developing serious symptoms or hospitalizations from COVID. It also speaks to those with prior COVID infections as well as those who already had one or more original boosters about the need to still get the bivalent booster.  

COVID cases are increasing nationally as the winter months and the holiday season are upon us. While the booster may not prevent infections, we know that it can help residents from becoming very sick or being hospitalized. We encourage you to use this handout to discuss the value of getting the bivalent booster this winter with all your unboosted residents and/or their families or resident representative.  

Find the handout on the LTC Provider Resources page on our #GetVaccinated website, or download directly now. It can be printed as one page (front and back). 

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