Information to Help SNFs Excluded from September HHS Performance Payments

​AHCA/NCAL previously shared details of the Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) program run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Based on an October 28 press release from HHS, we know 10,631 nursing homes met the infection control criteria to receive a performance payment for September, while approximately 5,000 nursing homes were either excluded or did not meet the performance criteria. 

The Association’s Research department has applied the QIP methodology to NHSN data released by CMS to better understand the reasons a facility may have been excluded in the first round of payments. Among several reasons, facilities can be excluded if they do not submit NHSN data or their submissions do not pass the Quality Assurance checks. Facilities can correct NHSN data errors to improve eligibility for future incentive payments.  

If you are a SNF​ that did not receive a September incentive payment, download this zip file of an Excel spreadsheet (member login required) to help understand why your center specifically may not have received a payment. The spreadsheet reflects the best approximation given the details and data known so far.  ​

We will update methods as we gain more insight and newer data becomes available. The file and any updates can be found under Finance & Reimbursement on AHCA/NCAL’s main COVID webpage

Please email​ with questions.