Lofland Park Center-Embarking on a Journey of Excellence

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​​Tawnya Dennis, Senior Administrator at Lofland Park Center in Seaford, Delaware, oversees a comprehensive 110-bed skilled nursing facility. Known for its advanced long term and dementia care services, Lofland Park is strategically located across from the local hospital, making it a pivotal part of the local health care community.

The facility's commitment to excellence was sparked by a key insight explains Dennis. "Our top leaders attend regular meetings and seminars with the Delaware HealthCare Facilities Association. Before beginning our Quality Award journey, our top leaders attended a seminar featuring a presentation on the Quality Award Program. Our administrator researched the program further, and after discussing it with our leadership team, we decided to commit to the journey for achieving excellence."

The Impact of the National Quality Award

Under Dennis's leadership, Lofland Park has seen remarkable growth, evolving from a 3-star to a 5-star CMS-rated facility. "When we started our journey, we already had some good systems in place," Dennis explains. "However, the structure of the National Quality Award Program provided us with the foundation and model to transition from a 3-star rated CMS facility to a 5-star rated CMS facility. The Program provided us with exactly what we needed to drive high quality in our facility, aligning with our Mission Statement. It has yielded data-driven results in an ever-changing and challenging industry, making us proud at every level within our organization."

Lessons from the Path to Excellence

Throughout their journey, Lofland Park has learned valuable lessons about enhancing care quality. "Some of the lessons we've learned include the processes, the deployment, and the learning," said Dennis. “Quality of care and services do not happen by accident. They result from our commitment to our processes, our deployment, and our continuous learning. We have discovered that the Quality Award journey provides the model needed to elevate an organization to a level of greatness, and we are glad to continue our journey."

Continued Pursuit of Excellence and Learning

The center is not resting on its laurels. It is laser-focused on achieving the Gold Quality Award, guided by feedback from previous program evaluations. "We have applied for a Gold Quality Award this cycle," Dennis noted. "We received our first site visit last year [2023], and the experience was amazing for everyone involved. The feedback report from each cycle we have applied for, especially from our site visit experience, has been invaluable," she explains, highlighting the ongoing commitment to quality. Adding, "We engage our staff in discussions about quality improvement regularly, ensuring everyone understands their role in our journey towards excellence."

Lofland Park Center is committed to improving the quality of life for its residents through strategic enhancements in care and operational efficiency. This commitment serves as an inspiring model for others in long term care.

If you are inspired by Lofland Park's journey, consider applying for a 2025 Quality Award. Learn more