Meet Cabell Healthcare Center, 2023 Silver Quality Award Recipient

Awards and Recognition; Quality Award

Cabell Healthcare Center in Culloden, West Virginia was recognized with a 2023 Silver - Achievement in Quality Award by AHCA/NCAL. In 2015, the 90-bed nursing home was recognized with a Bronze - Commitment to Quality Award.  Executive Director Michael Gore shared why their commitment to the journey has been worth it.

“We have been working on our quality journey since 2014 when we purchased the facility. With many changes along the way we have finally gotten to the point where we feel that the journey is paying off. We see a major difference in our survey and customer service [and] we are excited to see where this journey leads us."

Applying for a National Quality Award is not only a badge of honor but also an invaluable step towards continuous improvement, benchmarking, and improving outcomes for residents and staff.

Be sure to submit your Intent to Apply for a 2024 National Quality Award before the deadline on Thursday, November 16 at 8pm ET.