Special Messages from AHCA and NCAL Leadership

Quality Award; Quality

​AHCA/NCAL is excited to share that the 2023 National Quality Award year is off to an amazing start. We saw an incredible amount of commitment to the Quality Award program through the Intent to Apply process, and we hope to keep the engagement and momentum going into the final weeks before the deadline at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

AHCA President and CEO Mark Parkinson and NCAL Executive Director LaShuan Bethea share special messages of encouragement to long term care providers working hard on their 2023 applications.

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LaShuan Bethea, NCAL Executive Director

“Every provider that I speak with has something to celebrate. Whether it's getting their residents engaged in activities or maintaining a full and committed staff—all of our assisted living members are giving me exceptional reasons to feel invigorated about the year ahead. The Intent to Apply turnout was yet another reason to feel this way. I want to challenge NCAL members to make this year a celebration: let's get excited about the innovation in assisted living and our commitment to quality care. I know you're out there doing the work: take the opportunity to make it official and receive the recognition you deserve with a Quality Award from AHCA/NCAL."

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Mark Parkinson, AHCA/NCAL President & CEO

"The best part of this organization are our members. This is true for so many reasons, but the most important reason is the impact that members have on the men and women in their communities who rely on them for quality care. And we know that the quality care in the centers who achieve a Quality Award is statistically better than those who do not . The data tells this story. But we also hear every year about the lives that are changed because of the work being done. This year, the Intent to Apply numbers reinforced the fact that our members continue to be committed to improving quality care. Let's continue this message that our membership is making changes each and every day and we have the data to prove it. Join the hundreds of centers who have backed their work with a Quality Award by submitting your application. Thank you in advance for your commitment, and best of luck in the process."

Did You Know?

You do NOT have to submit an Intent to Apply to successfully complete a Quality Award application! 

For more information about submitting an award application or to learn more about the program, visit the Quality Award website at ahcancal.org/QualityAward.