NHSN Annual Facility Survey Clarification

Survey and Certification

Facilities may notice a prompt on the NSHN reporting module to complete the LTC Annual Facility Survey. Please note, this survey is not required for facilities only participating in the COVID-19 module and these facilities will not lose NHSN access after March 1. Additionally, there is no CMS requirement for completion of this survey, but facilities are advised to check any applicable local/state requirements to complete this survey. Facilities may continue to see the “Survey Required 2022” alert under Action items on the NSHN LTCF home page.  
However, if you currently or plan to participate in additional modules any time during 2023, you are required to complete the survey either prior to March 1 or prior to reporting in the non-COVID-19 module(s), if beginning after March 1. Other modules may include health associated infection (urinary tract infections), laboratory-identified events for C. difficile and/or multidrug resistant organisms, and/or prevention process measures.  
If you complete the LTC Annual Facility Survey, note that most of the questions are based on facility characteristics and practices during the previous calendar year. This means you will complete the 2023 survey using facility characteristics and practices during the 2022 calendar year. There is one exception, and that is the question about primary service type, which is based on current activities the day the survey is completed.  
The Annual Survey Table of Instructions and form are at the bottom of the Long Term Care Facilities Component page
For additional questions, email nshn@cdc.gov.