NHSN Data Upload Issues Reported


​​The National Health Care Safety Network (NHSN) has reported that there is an error occurring with data upload to the NHSN Long Term Care Facility modules.  This has to do with an incorrect auto-populated date error. The ​CDC is urgently working to correct the NHSN application error that is impacting reporting COVID-19 data since December 26, 2020.  

When entering weekly COVID-19 data for the week of December 21-27, the pre-populated date for the week indicates that the week ends on December 27, 2021, instead of December 27, 2020. When trying to save data, the system generates an error message and will not allow facilities to save their data. 

A solution will be deployed in the NHSN application later this week, but until then a work-around can be used to continue reporting COVID-19 vaccination data.  

The CDC has offered the following steps for the work-around:  

  1. ​On the weekly vaccination data entry screen, toggle the calendar to its previous month (November 2020) using the left-facing arrow.  
  2. After the month of November 2020 appears, toggle the calendar back to December 2020 using the right-facing arrow.  
  3. You should now be able to enter data for the week ending December 27, 2020.