NHSN Revises COVID-19 Module Pathways


In April 2022, the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) announced various revisions to the COVID-19 module pathways. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be hosting webinars in May to review the updates and revisions. The changes coming to NHSN module pathways include: 

  • ​Removal of Supplies and PPE Pathway – users will no longer need to report to this pathway
  • Reductions in Resident Impact and Facility Capacity and Staff and Personnel Impact Pathway, which include: 
    • ​Removal of COVID-19 test type 
    • Removal of Vaccine Manufacturer (RFIC only) 
    • Removal of COVID-19 re-infections 
    • Removal of other respiratory illness 
    • Removal of testing performed and time for receiving results 
  • ​Additions include: 
    • ​Expanded vaccination status options for boosters 
    • Simplified PPE shortage question 

AHCA/NCAL will inform members when these webinars become available.