New CDC Report Highlights Vaccination Rates Among Adults and Nursing Home Residents

COVID-19; Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF); Research and Data
​The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released two reports in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on vaccination coverage and treatment for respiratory viruses in the United States.  

The reports examined vaccination coverage among adults in the United States and nursing home residents. The CDC found significantly higher rates of vaccine coverage among nursing home residents than the general population, but vaccination rates among the general population over the age of 65 were slightly higher than in nursing homes. 

Of note: 
  • ​By December 9, 2023, a CDC survey of vaccination rates among adults found the following estimated vaccination rates:  
    • ​COVID-19: 18.3% 
    • Influenza: 42.2% 
    • RSV (adults >60): 17.0% 
  • As of December 10, 2023, among 97% nursing homes reporting COVID-19 vaccination rates to NHSN and approximately 20% of SNFs voluntarily reporting influenza and RSV vaccination rates, CDC data indicates the following resident vaccination rates: 
    • ​COVID-19: 33.1%  
    • Influenza: 72.0% 
    • RSV: ​9.8% 
It also found that vaccine rates among nursing home residents was lowest in the most socially vulnerable counties. In its discussion, the CDC contributes the low vaccination rates among nursing home residents to vaccine fatigue, inaccurate health information, and vaccine hesitancy.

The study also found that uptake was higher among all three vaccines in small nursing homes. The CDC contributes this to trust building between medical directors and other providers in light of lower patient-to-provider ratios. A recent Washington Post op-ed highlights the methods implemented by a medical director to achieve high vaccination rates among his residents in a South Dakota facility. These same methods can be employed by centers in other areas of the country and with larger populations.

The AHCA/NCAL #GetVaccinated website contains resources to support providers in securing and administering vaccines in their facilities, as well as resources to help encourage residents and staff to receive the vaccine. AHCA/NCAL also provides trust building resources through its free, online program, Building Trust in LTC.

The two studies can be found here: