New Staffing Measures Posted to Care Compare

Five-Star Rating System
Three staff turnover and two weekend staffing measures have been added to Care Compare (formerly Nursing Home Compare).

NEW Staff Turnover Measures include:  
  • ​The percentage of RN staff that left the facility over the last year.    
  • The percentage of total nursing staff that have left the facility over the last year.    
  • The number of administrators that have left the facility over the last year.    
NEW Weekend Staffing Measures include: 
  • ​Weekend Total Nurse (RN, LPN, & Aide) hours per resident day (HPRD). 
  • Weekend RN HPRD.  
All measures are derived from Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data. Full measure details can be found in the Five-Star Technical User’s Manual. The data below summarizes the national average. 

Measures & National Averages:
  • RN Turnover (Percent) = 49.8%
  • Total Nurse Turnover (Percent) = 51.6%
  • Administrator Turnover (Count) = 1.1
  • Weekend Total Nurse HPRD = 3.26 
  • Weekend RN HPRD = 0.48  
As outlined in QSO memo 22-08-NH from earlier this year, these five measures will be factored into Five-Star in July 2022 and updated quarterly with every new PBJ data release. To ensure the most correct turnover data is used in Five-Star by July 2022, members must link employee identifiers. More information is available in this CMS FAQ on linking employee identifiers.