New Video: Dr. Gifford Encourages LTC Staff to Get Their Booster Shot


​​​​​​​​In a special video message, AHCA/NCAL’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Gifford encourages long term care staff to stay up to date on their COVID vaccinations and get their booster shot. While nearly 90% of nursing home staff have received their primary dose, a little less than half have received their COVID booster as of mid-April. Dr. Gifford encourages staff to ensure they have the highest level of protection and reduce the chances of passing the virus onto family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly, vulnerable long term care residents.​



Dr. Gifford explains why it’s important to stay up to date on COVID vaccinations, especially with new variants still emerging and antibodies waning over time. He also addresses some of the common reasons individuals may be hesitant to get their booster, such reactions to previous doses and the likelihood of breakthrough infections. He emphasizes that getting a booster helps prevent individuals from getting very sick, passing the virus onto others, and creating additional staffing shortages in LTC facilities.  
LTC providers are encouraged to share this video message with their employees and colleagues via YouTube, or download the video file directly to circulate through your organization’s own internal channels.  
The video is part of AHCA/NCAL’s ongoing #GetVaccinated campaign. Learn more at​