Prove it – Turn Data and Systems into Person-Centered Care

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​Long term care is extremely competitive. Organizations compete for staff, reimbursement, residents, and referral sources, just to name a few. Providers are pressured to be cost-effective, highly efficient, and provide quality care and services. Simply stating that your organization is a high performer is not enough. You must prove it. You must make a statement by demonstrating your quality through the data you collect and the systems you have in place.  ​​

​​It is time to reimagine long term and post-acute care through the power of data and effective systems. Good, comparative, data empowers organizations to determine baselines, identify benchmarks, and establish goals to keep moving forward. Systems ensure that processes and procedures keep teams moving forward. Data collection and having the right systems in place are requirements for providing person-centered care.  

AHCA/NCAL has developed and launched a free training program titled Turning Data and Systems into Person-Centered Care. This program is designed to help you make the connection between data, systems, and providing person-centered care.  

Data collection is a necessity for staying competitive in today’s environment and Long Term Care Trend Tracker can help make it easier for your organization. In addition, organizations who strive for and achieve the nationally recognized AHCA/NCAL Quality Awards stand out amongst their peers as being the best-of-the-best organizations with higher satisfaction scores and better outcomes.  

Take advantage of your membership by engaging in the Quality Awards and Long Term Care Trend Tracker today. This free ​training program can get you started.