Quality Award Program Recipients Rekindle Memories

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In honor of National Skilled Nursing Care Week®, the AHCA/NCAL’s National Quality Award Program proudly highlights the exceptional dedication to quality care and performance excellence demonstrated by Quality Award recipients. The significance and profound impact of the services provided by skilled nursing care centers in communities across the nation are vividly showcased through their longstanding participation in the Quality Award Program. To date, over 6,000 skilled nursing organizations have earned a Quality Award, affirming their commitment to, achievement of, and excellence in quality. 

Throughout their Quality Award journey, recipients often speak about their focus on improving lives by providing high-quality care and maintaining continuous attention to performance excellence. This dedication enables residents to lead fuller lives, rekindle memories, and strengthen their community connections. The contributions of staff and volunteers in reigniting and creating vibrant memories are crucial and deeply valued. 

For members aspiring to join the ranks of Quality Award recipients or those interested in learning more about quality improvement through the Quality Award journey, please “tune-in” to the Quality Award webpage and register to attend the 2025 Quality Award Program Kick-Off Webinar on July 9, 2024, 2pm EDT.