Reminders for Residents with Electronic Cigarettes

Safety; Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF); Survey and Certification
Electronic cigarettes are being used more frequently by residents in skilled nursing facilities. Below are some reminders on regulations and safety concerns related to e-cigarettes in facilities. Appendix PP states, e-cigarettes do not pose the same dangers of ignition as regular cigarettes. However, they are not without risk. Some risks associated with e-cigarettes include: 

  • ​Potential health risks to the smoker  
  • Second-hand aerosol exposure 
  • Nicotine overdose 
  • Explosion or fire caused by the battery  ​

Facilities are responsible for overseeing the use and storage of these devices to maintain an accident-free environment. Some tips to keep your residents safe include: 
  • ​Assess residents for safety prior to allowing them to use the device  
  • Consider keeping devices at the nurses’ station, like securing residents’ cigarettes 
  • Keep loose batteries in a case to prevent contact with metal objects 
  • Never charge a vape device with a phone or tablet charger, only use the appropriate charging equipment 
  • Only charge devices during the daytime hours
  • Replace the batteries if they get damaged or wet 

For more information on e-cigarette safety, visit the Food and Drug Administration website. Please send questions to