Seeking Feedback on Staff and Resident Vaccination


AHCA/NCAL launched the #GetVaccinated campaign to encourage and empower all staff members and residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Since vaccines were distributed to facilities across the country, many staff and residents have proudly and excitedly received it. 

To ensure that as many people get vaccinated, we want to hear your stories of what’s working in your buildings. What has motivated your staff and residents to get vaccinated? Have there been any challenges? Please email​ with this information or if you have any questions. 

It’s effective when people you know get vaccinated, as it assures others that it’s safe and will more likely motivate them to get vaccinated as well. So highlight individuals in your facility who signed up to get the vaccine. Print copies of our #GetVaccinated selfie sign, and have staff and residents write in why getting the vaccine is important to them. Then submit their selfie and their story through Share Your Story submission form​. Make sure to share on your social media pages as well.