Updated HHS NHSN Reporting Requirements


In an updated memo from HHS, the point-of-care testing results are now required as part of the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) system. The HHS memo identifies that “CMS-certified long term care facilities shall submit point-of-care COVID-19 testing data, including antigen testing data, to CDC’s NHSN."​  To report the point-of-care test results to NHSN, facilities will need to upgrade from SAMS Level-1 access to SAMS Level-3 access.  While this new requirement goes into effect immediately, AHCA has been told that enforcement discretion will be utilized until November 20th to allow time for centers to make the upgrade from Level-1 to Level-3.   

Centers must immediately take action to upgrade from Level-1 to Level-3 to avoid enforcement penalties and to meet this new requirement. This process can take up to four weeks, so do not delay.   

To facilitate upgrade to SAMS Level-3 you must: 

  • Login to SAMS at https://sams.cdc.gov and use the Update Profile menu option on the left side of the page. Confirm that your home mailing address is correct and current within your SAMS profile. 
  • Ensure that your name and address match how it appears on your submitted identification (such as your state issued driver’s license). 
  • Once you submit your identification, SAMS must confirm your identity.  Once confirmed, SAMS will send you a “Welcome to SAMS” email as well as a SAMS Grid Card mailed to hour residential/home address via USPS mail. The SAMS Grid Card permits LEVEL-3 access to NHSN.
  • After receiving your SAMS grid card via USPS mail, you must login to SAMS at https://sams.cdc.gov. Underneath the National Healthcare Safety Network System header, select “NHSN Reporting” link. NOTE: Do NOT access NHSN LTC Reporting as this option will direct you back to Level-1 security.  

Alternatively, facilities can email nhsn@cdc.gov with the subject line “Enhancing Data Security” to begin upgrading their SAMS access to use this Pathway.  ​