View HealthCap’s® New Free Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar

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HealthCap® offers a new free webinar titled Active Shooter Preparedness​. This program focuses on key aspects of active shooter events and what to do if your long term care community experiences a threat or real-life active shooter.​ 
Most of us think we work in a home that would never have an active shooter event. Unfortunately, it happens, and active shooter training is a mandatory part of disaster preparation. Even if your home has a “lock down” protocol, it may not be effective.  
Many communities want to keep active shooter training private and not share information about active shooter event planning. However, it is critical that this discussion and the planning for active shooter disaster be clear and open to prepare your staff and decrease the risk of a negative outcome in the event of an active shooter.   
This training focuses​ on key aspects of active shooter preparation and what to do if your community experiences a threat or real-life active shooter event. The training will help you answer these questions:   

  • ​Who will you call?  
  • Who will you notify?  
  • How will you deploy your staff and use additional resources?  
  • What are the keys to protecting your residents and staff?  
  • How do work, in advance, with local law enforcement? 

Registration for all participants is free. The webinar is approved for 1.0 ANCC contact hours  and 1.25 NAB CEs upon completion. The course learning objectives include:   

  • ​Define an active shooter event 
  • Identify strategies to protect your residents and staff 
  • Discuss the importance of open lines of communication with first responders  
  • Discuss media interaction/communication  
  • Identify methods to establish response and recovery post-event. 

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