Webinar: Preparing for Respiratory Viruses featuring Dr. Ashish Jha

Emergency Preparedness; COVID-19; AHCA/NCAL Updates; Long Term Care

AHCA/NCAL is hosting a webinar for its members on Friday, December 9 at 3 p.m. ET. The webinar focuses on practical steps long term care facilities can take to prepare for the increase in respiratory viruses anticipated this winter. Dr. Ashish Jha, Coordinator of the White House COVID-19 Response team, will be joining this webinar to share his insights with participants.

This webinar will also feature Dr. David Gifford, Chief Medical Officer, AHCA/NCAL, Steven M. Creasy, Pharm, Director, Clinical Services at Pharmerica, and Kenneth Daily, LNHA, President of the Elder Care Systems Group. These experts will share information and best practices on vaccines, treatments, and indoor air quality. Registration information and more details can be found at the link below. 
The webinar will be recorded, and all registrants will receive an email when the recording is available. 

Please email educate@ahca.org​ with any questions or if you need assistance registering.