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​As of January 2018, there were nearly 425,000 total employees in the assisted living profession.  ​


 Total Workforce

(as of January 2018)

 Nursing Staff

Among the more than 1.5 million full-time nursing and 35,200 social work employees in long term care, about one-fifth (21.5%), or 332,400 are employed full-time at an assisted living community.
The breakdown of these nursing and social work full-time employees is below. Some assisted living communities may also contract with other organizations to coordinate nursing and social work services in the community.


 Economic Impact


​Economic Activity

  • Direct: $30.2 billion
  • Total: $72 billion 

Tax Revenue

  • State/Local: $3.3 billion 
  • Federal: $5.5 billion 
  • Total: $8.9 billion



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