A New Safety Net and More

Provider Daily
A top capital market guru explains how his organization helped reshape federal loan programs to give providers a new safety net during the pandemic in the March Provider. “Leaders Finesse Policies Aimed at Making Recovery Possible” is the third of Provider’s March cover articles, and it is as straightforward as can be, with a top capital market guru explaining how.

Erik Howard, executive managing director for healthcare finance at Capital Funding Group, tells Provider that HUD financing, the linchpin for the sector’s stakeholders in need of bridge financing for all types of capital funding needs, has been made even more favorable with changes to protect providers as they fight their way through what possibly could be the final year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding to the deep insight, Clifton Porter II, chief lobbyist for the American Health Care Association, gives a frank assessment of how the industry is working with the new Biden administration and Congress to allocate more funding to nursing homes and assisted living properties, and shift regulations to protect the hard work being done to prevent unnecessary pandemic litigation.

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