Five Lessons Learned from COVID

Provider Daily
​Infection control and prevention has become everyone’s job in a facility, says one provider in the February issue of Provider. No longer the responsibility of a single nurse, COVID-19 has made infection control and prevention the focus of all staff, from housekeeping to office staff. 
“Everyone needs to know about infection control, and we need to have programs that focus on both clinical and nonclinical partners,” says Francine Rainer, chief clinical officer at PruittHealth.
It’s just one of several lessons learned by long term and post-acute care (LT/PAC) providers, and they say that the new norm will continue into the foreseeable future.
Amid the tragedies and hardships of COVID, a number of positives have emerged in the LT/PAC space, which will continue to strengthen infection control and prevention. Read them all in the February issue of Provider.