Guidance for Federal Monitoring Surveys Released

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released Admin Memo: 24-05-NH to provide guidance to surveyors on areas of focus for Federal Monitoring Surveys (FMS). Federal Monitoring Surveys are required to be completed in at least 5% of skilled nursing facilities in each state (but no less than five total skilled nursing facilities in the state), including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. 

For Fiscal Year 2024 and Fiscal Year 2025, CMS identified three long-term care (LTC) Health National Concern Areas, as follows:  
  1. Nurse Staffing (F851, F725, F727) 
  2. Unnecessary Psychotropic Medications (F641, F658, F758) 
  3. Facility-Initiated Discharge (F622, F624, F626) 
Resources are available for facilities to ensure regulatory compliance for, unnecessary psychotropic medications and safe discharges.   These resources are available for review on ahcancalEd.  Send any questions to