How to Ensure Temporary Aides Are Successful

COVID-19; Programs and Resources

AHCA/NCAL recently made updates to the temporary nurse aide (TNA) and temporary feeding assistant (TFA) free, online training courses. The association enhanced security measures within our learning management system and the exam process to help further our high academic integrity standards.  

The TNA and TFA online courses are only the first step for temporary caregivers to assist our nation’s long term care facilities. Providers play a key role in helping temporary aides carry out their duties successfully. Here are some ways you can help make sure the programs are beneficial to your residents and fellow team members: 

  1. Temporary aides should receive hours of on-the-job training once hired. Have them shadow an experienced staff member during the on-boarding process. 
  2. Before temporary aides can take on specific duties, they must pass a competency assessment (typically overseen by a nurse) to demonstrate they understand those tasks. A competency assessment is a federal requirement for nursing homes. ​​ ​
    • If temporary aides are not doing things correctly, they need to undergo further training and evaluation. 
  3. Continue to have a licensed professional supervise temporary aides at all times.  
  4. Establish an ongoing evaluation process for temporary aides. Similar to other positions that must demonstrate their competency on a rolling basis, temporary aides should be evaluated periodically to reaffirm they know how to fulfill their duties correctly.  
  5. If you are working with an agency to hire temporary staff, you may inquire about any individual to validate their abilities. Request their certificate of completion as well as their skills competency sheet. 
  6. Look for ways to help temporary aides transition to become certified nursing assistants. Remember that these temporary positions are only allowed for as long as the public health emergency declaration and/or corresponding 1135 waiver remains in effect. Follow your state’s specific process to help your temporary aides become permanent employees and build a career in long term care.  

Thank you for your support of the TNA and TFA programs. We hope you have found them to be a lifeline during this pandemic as our industry faces a historic labor crisis. Together, we can help ensure these heroes have the training and support they need to provide the care and companionship our residents deserve.   

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