LTC Trend Tracker Launches New COVID-19 Dashboard for all LTC Trend Tracker Users

COVID-19; Programs and Resources; AHCA/NCAL Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the nursing home industry with more than 40 percent of deaths associated with nursing homes. This effort is an online web resource that AHCA/NCAL members can access to find important data related to COVID, their buildings, and the community. Below are a few key characteristics of this new feature: 

  • ​Help operators benchmark and trend their COVID-19 related performance 
  • Provide operators with relevant community data on COVID-19 that impact operations 
  • Numerous areas of COVID-19 data available to provide operators a full scope of their community 

To access this new feature, all users have a link to the COVID-19 dashboard located at the bottom of their left control panel. 

ltctt 2.png

Please contact with any questions.