NSHN Reporting Requirements for Q1 2023

COVID-19; Research and Data

It is crucial to report current COVID-19 vaccination status to NHSN. The up-to-date definition applies when reporting data through the NSHN COVID-19 Vaccination Modules and the Resident Impact and Facility Capacity (RIFC) Pathyway for first quarter (Q1) 2023.  
Individuals are considered up-to-date with the COVID-19 vaccines during the surveillance period from December 26, 2022, through March 26, 2023, for the purpose of NHSN reporting if they meet one of the following criteria:   

  • ​Received an updated (bivalent) booster dose; or 
  • Completed their primary series less than two months ago 

As of Q1 2023, monovalent boosters are no longer included in the up-to-date definition and individuals are only considered up to date if they meet one of the two criteria above.  
You can find more information about the up-to-date definition in the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Modules Key Terms guide​.