The New Bottom Line

Provider Daily
​When will we get back to normal? Asked many times, and in many ways, this month’s Provider gives answers for long term care owners and operators wondering when and how the year-long COVID-19 pandemic winds die down and what it means to their bottom line. 

In the first of three articles on financial priorities in the nursing home and assisted living sectors, “Providers Set Their Sights on Path to Financial Recovery,” Mark Parkinson, president and chief executive officer, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, tells Provider that recovery is around the corner. When exactly census starts to build back up to pre-COVID levels revolves around the success of vaccination programs with residents and staff and recreating the trust between facilities and the communities they serve.
Adding to the mix of insight and advice, Parkinson is joined by NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle in suggesting some of the infection control and communications measures installed for the pandemic may survive well into the future.

Learn more by reading the article and share it with colleagues and peers as the next stage of the pandemic – recovery – awaits.