Transform Your Leadership Journey - Diversity Executive Leadership Program Accepting Applications

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The clock is ticking on your chance to be part of the AHCA/NCAL Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP). Mark your calendar for the February 16, 2024, deadline to join a select group of long term care professionals on a two-year journey of growth and leadership.​

DELP, known for its rigorous and competitive selection process, is excited to offer fifteen exceptional candidates the opportunity to embark on a transformative two-year journey. This program isn’t just about leadership development; it's an immersive experience that includes comprehensive education, personalized mentoring, extensive networking, and an active role in the AHCA/NCAL community. This is more than a program - it's a launchpad for the next phase of your professional journey.​

DELP provides support, access, and opportunities for leadership within AHCA/NCAL. The program contributes to AHCA/NCAL by expanding access to a diverse pool of talented members, fostering engagement in leadership roles, including committee members, chairs, board members, AHCA Council of States representatives, and NCAL State Leaders.

Canidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • ​​Belong to a defined underrepresented identity group.
  • Currently employed as a mid- to senior-level or C-suite professional at an AHCA/NCAL member skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ICFs/IID).
  • Possess a minimum of three years' experience in mid- to senior-level long-term care management positions or at least one year as a C-suite executive.
  • Demonstrate professional, volunteer, or civic/community leadership experience.
Throughout the program, AHCA/NCAL covers costs for DELP scholars, providing access to various trainings, meetings, and events, with scholars earning continuing education (CE) credits. This includes attendance at:
  • Delivering Solutions, the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention and Expo (2024, 2025)
  • Congressional Briefing (2025, 2026)
  • DELP Leadership Training and Future Leaders Symposium (2024)
  • DELP Leadership Training and Political Ambassadors Program (2025)
If you have any questions, please contact Christy Herle at