Your Participation is Needed in the LTC Liability Benchmark Study

AHCA/NCAL needs your participation in Marsh and Oliver Wyman's 2021 update to its Professional and General Liability Benchmark Report for Long Term Care Providers.

This study is a critical component in supporting multiple state tort reform efforts that impact long term care and senior living providers. Especially relevant for 2021 will be the effect that the pandemic has had on losses. 

Your contribution to this report will make it possible to communicate with state policy makers on these issues.

Specifically, Marsh and Oliver Wyman need:
1. Individual claim listing (excluding Protected Health Information) in Excel-readable format valued as 12/31/2020.
2. Occupied bed equivalent exposure information for the past 10 calendar years, if available. 

Please participate by adding the above information to the collection data form and submit it to by July 31, 2021.

There is no cost to participate, and all participants will receive a copy of the report and an invitation to the presentation of the results.

Upon data submission Marsh and Oliver Wyman will provide diagnostic information about your own data including various metrics, e.g., frequency and severity claim statistics; closing year, report year, and accident year statistics; open and closed claim statistics; and an exposure analysis. The data diagnostics will be reviewed, and you will be contacted to discuss any potential anomalies.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact LTCBenchmark@oliverwym​