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 Gold Deadlines & Fees:

Application and Payment Deadline
  • Portal opens December 7 2017
  • Deadline: February 1 2018 at 8pm EST
Application Fee
  • With prior submission of an Intent to Apply: $2,350
  • Without a prior submission of an Intent to Apply: $3,500

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Gold Award


The final step in the program is the Gold – Excellence in Quality Award.

Applicants are required to receive  Bronze – Commitment to Quality and Silver – Achievement in Quality Awards before applying at the Gold level.

At this level, applicants must show superior performance in areas of the criteria including leadership, strategic planning, and customer and staff satisfaction.  Participation in the Gold level allows organizations to take their performance excellence journey to a higher level through their application of the full criteria and the valuable feedback received through the application process.  Gold applicants address the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Health Care in its entirety.

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The Gold packet includes the application and sample applications for reference.  Please Note: Applicants must purchase the 2017-2018 Healthcare for Performance Excellence criteria directly from the Baldridge website at 

​Member centers can also refer to the calendar for key dates and the Management Viewing Guide for links to slides and seminars.

Copyright © 2017-2018 American Health Care Association. All rights reserved.

Permission to use, copy and/or distribute any documentation and/or related images from the website shall be expressly obtained from AHCA.​

Application Packet

The National Quality Award Program has introduced a new recertification policy that impacts all current and previous Quality Award recipients.

Under this policy, Bronze and Silver Quality Award recipients will have a limited amount of time to apply for the next award level (Silver or Gold) before being designated as a “past recipient” of the award, a status that requires the center to reapply at the Bronze level if it decides to participate in the program again.

All participating centers are responsible for reading and complying with the recertification policy