Careers in Aging: Anna Bell Terrill, Housekeeping

Careers In Aging Week; Workforce

Anna Bell is one of the “behind-the-scenes” heroes of long term care helping to protect staff and residents from the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by keeping a sanitary environment. Anna Bell has worked at Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center longer than any other employee -- over 30 years -- and was one of the first employees hired to assist in the opening of the facility in 1990. Her primary position has been in housekeeping and laundry. 

Anna Bell has witnessed more than 1,700 residents find Wolfe County Health their home throughout the years. Her great work ethic and dedication to the seniors in the community was passed on to her daughter and granddaughter. Her daughter, Carolyn, completed her nurse aide class in 1998 and is now the Assistant Director of Activities and Social Services. Anna Bell’s granddaughter, Nicole, also became a nurse aide and has worked at the facility since 2008. 

In their small rural area, the Wolfe County Health community considers each other family. Anna Bell and her family have helped make Wolfe County Health and Rehabilitation Center the valued facility it is today. Residents and staff greatly appreciate Anna Bell’s hard work, dedication, and dependability.